International Speechwriting Associates

Ph.D. professionals with the
real-world experience
that matters most.

ISA focuses on effective and efficient
business communication and corporate
training solutions.

Speech Writing

ISA constructs your speech and presentation from start to finish. We direct personalized attention and topnotch research services to create the most effective, persuasive, and inspiring speech possible – and one that absolutely reflects the uniqueness of your individual personality.

Speech Training

At ISA we customize our communication training around each client's abilities and personality. This approach creates a comfortable, enjoyable, and interactive learning experience guaranteed to enhance interpersonal and intercultural communication skills.

Media Relations

Today, dealing with the media in a 24/7 news cycle and oversaturated technological environment requires understanding, planning, and consistency. ISA applies solid academic and professional expertise to support clients with efficient and reliable media relations techniques.

Multimedia Consulting

To make your presentation the best it can be, ISA offers a variety of multimedia tools and techniques that are entertaining, effective, and increasingly essential to communicating your core message. ISA will guide you in constructing all elements of your presentation.